Siege of Stralsund 2003
Olde Fort Mifflin
Philadelphia, PA - Photos
Thanks to David Roades and Syke's Sutlering for photos.

Outside Main Gate Salliport Inside Looking from bastion
Bombproofs exterior Outer defenses Storehouse
Powder Magazine Soldier's Barracks, Inside1 Soldier's Barracks, Inside2
Officer's chatting ECWSA Pikemen Procession
Drill Firing Maneuvers Give Fire by Salvee!
Pikeman of the King's Lifeguard & Prince Rupert's Regts. - ECWSA Musketeer of the King's Lifeguard - ECWSA Lt. Offen - Scots Ofc.
Ensign Davis Lil' Wench Roni, King's Lifeguard - ECWSA Goodwife Debbie, Prince Rupert's Regt. - ECWSA
"Did you hear the latest..." The next generartion of swordsmen! MacLean's Regt. Cookfire
Skirmishing 3-pounder & Crew Stralsund guns
Parley Crafty Imperialist - "If you surrender Stralsund, we'll give thee good terms" Defender's Forlorn Hope
Defending the bridge Assault Pushing back the defenders
Really mixing it up Bridgefight Defenders rally
Fight continues Defenders pushing Imperialists back Attacking Imperials Half-moon
Imperialist dead Stralsunders loot Imperialist dead Defenders at night
Night Assault Night Bombardment Unsuccessful Imperialist - "Well, there's always next year...!"
  Landing zone!  

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