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Wool Stockings & Oversocks

L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean
Phone: 1-800-221-4221 for ordering.
1-800-341-4341 for customer service.
Visa/MC accpeted

  • 'Slate Gray 16" Ragg Wool Socks, 80% wool, stock #ER10969'; Cost: $8.75/pair + postage; Sizes: Med. fits 8-10, Lg. fits 10-12
    Note: these are the gray oversocks soldiers wear.

Rob Slater
5755 Twelvemonth CT
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: (home/night) 410-772-5422


  • The ONLY source for proper wool stockings made from one piece of wool, with either a second pair worn as over-socks, or "rowling pair" of wool knitted socks.
    Price: $31.00 for 1 pair & $57.00 for 2 pairs complete (including wool).
    Note: just labor is $15 for 1 pair, $25 for 2 pairs

Bjarni's Boots - Mark Beabey
Shoes & Trooper/Officer Boots

Bjarni's Boots - Mark Beabey Handsewn Footwear & Leathergoods
Vastra Tvetavagen 11
S - 570 82
Phone: 0046-495-220-36

Highly recommended source for shoes, boots, buffcoats, baldrics/belts and even horse tack and pistol holsters. Mark is "Master Craftsman in Leather to the Royal Armouries at Leeds", and is now in Sweden. Estimated cost for a pair of 17th Century boots is about $800.00. Contact Mark for full details on his leather items offered (see website above).

Catalano Bootmaker
P.O. Box 39
Farmington, PA 15437
Phone: (412) 329-4971

All shoes 5 oz. boot grade leather, bench and hand lasted, triple stitched uppers with hand sewn welts, 10 oz. insole/outsole prime leather, steel shanks and brass clinch nails and weatherproofed. Options available: hobnails, square toes, linning, and buckles. Call for details/prices.

Ray's Shoe Service, Inc.
Proprietor: Mark Stevens
1666 S. Robert St., W.
St. Paul, MN 55118
Phone: (651) 457-24368


  • 7-8 oz wt. natural tan leather shoe, hobnailed heel; Cost: $175 incl. pp.
Note: They supply Plymouth Plantation and the Commonwealth of Virginia for Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown (reliable). All shoes are custom lasted to the wearer. See order form in ECWSA Handbook for measurements and details.

Running Iron Outfitters
Running Iron Outfitters
Proprietors: John & Helena Mangum
P.O. Box 205
Sonoita, AZ 85637
Phone: (520) 455-5858 or 5898

  • (for campfollowers) 4-5 oz. wt. brown leather shoe; Cost: $108 incl. pp.
  • (for soldiers) 7-8 oz wt. natural tan leather shoe; Cost: $133 incl. pp.

Note: See order form from ECWSA.


Hatcrafters, Inc.
Hatcrafters, Inc.
Contacts: John or Linda
20 North Springfield Rd.
Clifton Hgts., PA 19018
Phone: (610) 623-2620

Visa/MC accepted

They have a 'Guardsmen' hat (perfect officer's hat) as well as other styles that are acceptable for 17th Century. Catalog available.

L & H Hats
Proprietor: John McMicking
179 Melville St.
Dundas, Ontario
Canada L9M2A9
Phone: (905) 627-7492

Custom-made hats and caps for men and women individually hand made using equipment, methods and materials that pre-date the mid-19th Century industrial revolution. Subject to availability, can make anything in felt, straw, or cloth. Will do any period hats. Contact for details/prices and free catalog.

Tartan Web
Scotland ML12 6HH
Phone: 011-44 (1899) 220-088

Proper handmade Scots 'Blue Bonnet' for all Scots soldiers. This is the best source we have found for authentic reproduction Scots bonnets.

  • Scots 'Blue Bonnet'; Cost: $44.00 (approx.) plus postage; specify airmail only.


Sullivan Glove Co.
Sullivan Glove Co.
1315 SE Armour
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: 541-382-3092

Visa/MC accepted


  • Order: Item #360 - 'The "Classic" Glove', only get the Gold Cowhide, This is listed under their 'Medieval Gloves', Cost: $45.00 +pp.

Period Patterns

Reconstructing History - Historic Patterns

Reconstructing History Patterns
Proprietor: Kass McGann


  • The website has various 17th century patterns, prices, and other information on clothing.

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