The Armies: An Explanation
The King's Army and the Army of Parliament are organizations of enthusiasts who gather together at "musters" throughout the year during the "campaigning season", which lasts from March to November, to re-enact events of the English Civil Wars and early colonial America.

The main aim of the society is to stimulate interest in the authentic recreation of seventeenth century life and, in doing so, we endeavor to entertain and to so instruct both our own members and the general public.

Events are presented wherever possible at sites either resembling those of the English Civil Wars or those of American Colonial significance. In endeavoring to bring life to the era we present, we have been able to present many spectacular afternoons of entertainment for the people who have viewed our activities since 1984 and some who have shown enough interest to join us in our endeavors.

In recreating either actual engagements or typical examples of English Civil War actions, the King's Army and the Army of Parliament have presented events at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pa., Newcastle, De., Plymouth Plantation, Ma., St. Mary's City, Md., Jamestown, Va. And well over a dozen other sites throughout the eastern United States.

Not all of our events involve strenuous activity. The winter months see may of out members indulging in the delights of seventeenth century domesticity. Revels, banquets and festive occasions abound at which the delights of period music, food and drink are partaken with relish.

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