Does your life lack color and excitement? Do you feel that an earlier age had more to offer a soul starved of glamour and romance? Then you are not alone! The society always welcomes new members who have discovered a fresh stimulating interest, a host of new friends and the chance to forsake the gray and mundane twentieth century for vital, colorful Stuart England. All ages and walks of life are represented and enjoy the society. Every effort is made to achieve authenticity of drill, dress, equipment and seventeenth century atmosphere while being run in a military atmosphere.

If you deserve more fun from your leisure time and would like to take a break from the pressures of the twentieth century for the color and vitality of seventeenth century Stuart England, and interested in giving up a few weekends of each year to undiluted escapism to hazard all for King or Parliament, then ask for an officer at the encampment, who will be happy to speak with you about joining or write to:

The English Civil War Society of America
The English Civil War Society of America

5732 Goldfinch Ct.
Ellicott City, MD 21043

State how and where you heard of the society and which army you wish to join. Please note that members must be age 18 or older. Please send a self addressed envelope with all inquiries.

Suprisingly, in the process of researching the life of another era, one can often get a new perspective on ones own times. So stop over and look at today from the vantage point of yesterday. It's quite fascinating and you will be glad you did.

The English Civil War Society of America is always willing to spend time in discussion with anybody who would wish to present an event within our scope. Further details in connection with the organization and presentation of a muster or demonstration of any kind are available from the director at the above address.

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