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Renaissance Re-enactment Timeline
June 9-10, 2007
Sands Point Museum and Preserve - Port Washington, NY (Long Island)
ECWSA Coordinator: Keith Frye, Prince Rupert's Regiment (ECWSA)
Phone: 973-838-0073, Email:

Sponsored by the Early-Modern Period team of M.S.R., Inc., in association with the Nassau County Dept. of Parks and Museums. Timeline to cover periods 1490 to 1690 (some flex in these dates) with emphasis on Early Modern tactical development and technical innovation. Plans include comparative demos for spectators, drills and multi-period tactical. Units encouraged to set-up encampments, drill, weapons demo and distribute info materials. Wood, straw and modern lavatories are provided. There will be an evening Tavern Tent and reverly in the castle. This will be an opportunity for the smaller units to show what they've got without being lost in the background against the bigger 18th/19th century units. Website:




The Ulster Rising - Irish Rebellion, 1642
Media, PA
Muster Master: Keith Frye, Prince Rupert's Regiment (ECWSA)
Phone: 973-838-0073, Email:

ECWSA Fall Muster - The Garrison of Tangiers, 1676
November 3-4, 2007
Historic Fort Mifflin - Philadelphia, PA
Muster Master: Keith Frye, Prince Rupert's Regiment (ECWSA)
Phone: 973-838-0073, Email:

The English Civil War Society of America event for the Restoration Period. Fort Mifflin is a real fort that resembles one of the mid-17th century period, complete with moat, bridges/causeways, bombproofs, parade grounds, barracks, and more! Full amenities (wood, modern bathrooms, with a site fee). All daily living history activities will be based around the events of the 1670-90s period, to include brigade drill, tactical engagement, living history, etc. Saturday evening will have a Tavern set-up for gaming and the usual reverly! More details to follow, but muster is also open to all 17th century sutlers. Arrive/set-up Friday after 3 PM.


ECWSA 17th Century Christ-Tide Party - Rescheduled to 13 December 2008
December 15th, 2007
Greenbank Mill - Wilmington, DE
Contact: Keith Frye, Prince Rupert's Regiment (ECWSA)
Phone: 973-838-0073, Email:

Presented by the ECWSA. Open to all 17th-century revellers from all units and/or groups with 1670s period clothing (but 1640-70s is ok!) Come and enjoy the holiday merriment!An evening of spirited dance, merrie song, lively music, and passing time with good food, drink and company. Entry fee between $10-15 per adult. More details and final costs in coming weeks.

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