Added webpage and link under 'Parliament' for new provisional ECWSA units - Col. John Hampden's Regt. of Foot - in California..

Photos of the 2002 Grand Muster in St. Mary's City, MD and the Siege of Ft. Randolph in Point Pleasant, WV now available.


Corrected the 2003 Event Schedule.

Cleaned up a lot of old junk, especially formatting. Also finished out the navigation for all the pages. Updated the Event schedule but expect that it will need some corrections.

Updated the North Eastern Events page (added muster orders for Muskets in MD and the Grand Muster), added new gallery pages of photos for the March-thru-Time and the 17th Century Spring Musters, and updated photos and test on the King's Lifeguard of Foot pages.

I haved just finished a MAJOR overhaul of the Sutlers list. In addition to having the most current information, many of the sutlers have links to their websites. I will have more information from the recent Delaware reenactment soon as well as more additions to the gallery and articles areas.

Finally we have our own domain! Additionally several changes have been made including reformatting, new and updated links and some new pages. I have several new links for the Sealed Knot and have updated the Upcoming events section. I have also added a Gallery section. (Now we need to get some more photos scanned in!) I have moved the King's Life Guard Page to It will be updated soon.

In the meantime I am looking for new links and new content for our web site. If you know of any ECW or related sites, please let me know. My long term goal is to get articles from back issues of "Orders of the Daye" and the ECWSA Handbook on the site.

The 2005 list of evnts and musters has been posted. Go to 'Events' link at top of page.

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