The Army of Parliament of the English Civil War Society of America (also known as 'Roundheads') consists of reconstructed regiments of foot, horse and the artillery train (the foot is further divided into pikemen and musketeers). There is also an important part for women to play as campfollowers and in performing cameos, etc., as part of the baggage trains of the various regiments.

Each company of a foot regiment, troop of a horse regiment, or individual gun of the artillery train, will be considered a separate unit in the Society. Each unit is organized identical to its Parliamentarian counterpart in the English Civil Wars.

Historically the Army of Parliament was structured so that there was one overall commander (General) of all Parliamentarian units for purposes of drill, maneuver, training, parading, public demonstrations, camp, and battle engagements. However, due to the current number of existing units of both sides (Royalist and Parliamentarian) in North America, there is only one Army Commander who controls both 'armies' when they brigade together at musters for purposes of drill, maneuver, training, parading, public demonstrations, and camp, but not in battle engagements. Whereas during times of battle engagements, separate 'army' commanders are established.

If you have any questions about the Army of Parliament or joining a Parliamentarian unit, please contact tone of the unit commanders, and they will be happy to assist you:


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