Participation in a Muster
As a member of the King's Army or the Army of Parliament, you would be welcome at the campsite established at each event. You would have been informed of the whereabouts, date and nature of the event by means of the Muster Orders in the society newsletter "Orders of the Daye", which functions as the calendar, information exchange and mouthpiece of the governing body.

Upon arrival and having established you personal accommodations with your regiment, you would be absorbed into the organization of the army for a space of forty-eight hours as a seventeenth century soldier or campfollower. The twentieth century would, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist.

Issuing weapons, drill, marching to and from the battlefield and other military pursuits would occupy a large part of each day, the night of which would be spent carousing and regaling your comrades with tales of your deeds and narrow escapes.

Campsite facilities are of period military encampments of each army where each regiment has its own tents for its soldiers and campfollowers arranged in military order. Campsites always run to the provision of water, toilets and sanitary facilities. Each member is expected to cater for themselves, although regiments usually have a food plan organized by the campfollowers, where complete meals are provided, which is both period in fare and preparation at the encampment. Often there will also be additional facilities such as nighttime fires for enjoyment and possibly a Merchant's Row where members can replace any worn or broken items of their uniform or accoutrements.

Each muster is a miniature holiday and carries with it memories of days and nights spent in good company and worthwhile activity.

The exercise of arms is a skilled art and it must be evident that an element of danger exists. Experienced officers will ensure that re-enactors observe safety precautions in all activities involving period weapons. Nevertheless, members are expected to behave with maturity and responsibility.

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