Swords and Guards

Rorik Rorikson
1556 Deerfield Rd.
Dublin, Md. 21034-1033
Email: greywollf@yahoo.com

  • 'Soldier Sword Guard' - blackened double ring with pommel, fits wide epee blade; Cost: $55.00 + pp.
  • Pommel, Cost: $10.00 +pp.
Spear's Swords & Sutlery
(Proprietors: Brad & Denise Spear)
3800 Riverview Blvd.
Bradenton, FL 34209
Phone: (941) 748-4487

Contact for items/prices.

Blades & Fencing Masks

Note: ONLY wide stage epee blades allowed in sword/rapier

American Fencer's Supply Co.
American Fencer's Supply Co.
1180 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA. 94103
Phone: (415) 863-7911
E-mail: amfence@amfence.com
Website: http://www.amfence.com

  • #962M, 'Musqueteer Wide Epee Stage Blade'; specify that you want it to be tapped for 12/24th threads halfway down the tang.
    Cost: $47.00 + $4.81 postage; Visa/MC accepted; allow 2 wks. for delivery.

George Santelli, Inc.
George Santelli, Inc.
465 South Dean St.
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: (201) 871-3105
E-mail: gsantelli@aol.com
Website: http://www.santelli.com

Visa/MC accepted

  • 'Wide Stage Epee Blade'; Cost: $62.00 + pp, but call for exact prices.
  • '3-Weapon fencing mask with natural leather trim & detachable bib'; Stock #48; Cost: $78.00 + postage, but call for exact prices.

Pike Shafts, Pike Heads & Darkening Agent

Mark Supik
1 N. Haven St.
Baltimore, Md. 21224
Phone: (day/work) 410-732-8414
Website: http://www.marksupikco.com

  • 'Ash Pike Shafts (12' L, 1 1/2" buttend taper to 1" tip)'; Cost: $60.00
  • As above but 14'; Cost: $80.00
  • As above but 15'; Cost: $100.00
  • As above but 16'; Cost: $120.00

Note: shipping costs vary; allow about 2 weeks to complete order.
Note: Pike Shaft darkening agent is the chemical Ferrous Sulfate.

Paul Eaglestone
Windrush House, Burford Road
Minster Lovell, Oxon
England OX8 5RZ
Phone: (home/nights) 44-1993-702562

Note: Specify airmail only!

Order: (Note: He may no longer carry these)
  • 'Rubber Pike Point with cheek pieces'; Cost: £5.00 + pp.
  • 'Rubber Pike Point (without cheek pieces)'; Cost: £3.50 + pp.

Matchlock Muskets & Musketry Supplies

Musket Mart
Proprietor: John Buck - Gunsmith
1300 Turkeycock Mt. Rd.
Callands, VA 24530
Phone: (434) 724-1607
E-mail: musketmart@gcronline.com
Website: http://www.musketmart.com

Order (contact directly for prices and delivery time, etc.:

  • 'Octagonal-Tapered/Round Matchlock with Beech wood stock'
  • As above but 'with Walnut wood stock'
  • Substitute '75 Caliber Flared Octagonal-Tapered/Round Barrel'
  • 'Set of 12 Wooden Charges'
Note: Only unit ECWSA commanders are to contact directly, or via Captain Fox, prior to ordering.

The Buzzard's Nest
Proprietor: Bill Ruppert, Jr.
P.O. Box 146
Barhamsville, Va. 23011
Phone: (804) 566-2259

  • '12 Wooden powder bottles'; Cost: $70.00 +postage.
Note: These come raw, you must treat with linseed oil yourself.

G. Gedney Godwin
G. Gedney Godwin
P.O. Box 100
Valley Forge, PA 19481
Phone: (610) 783-0670
Fax: (610) 783-6083
E-mail: damian@ptd.net
Website: http://www.gggodwin.com

  • Slowmatch, call for costs, etc.
Note: This slowmatch recommended over others!

Jeff Harmen
610 Vienna Ave.
Radford, Va. 24141
Phone: (540) 639-5330

Call or write for details.

  • 'Musket Rest' (Note: measure height from ground to your underarm for height of rest.)
  • Also has 'Musket Fork' and 'Musket Spike' parts.

Dale Shinn
P.O. Box 60554
Sacramento, CA 95860
Phone: (916) 488-4244 or 8239
E-mail: dgshinn@ns.net

Call or write for details.

  • 'Triangle-shape priming flask (brown leather covered/iron bound)'; Cost: $60
  • Also makes custom made matchlocks, wheellocks, snaphaunces, pistols, etc., as well as inlaying (as speciality). Expensive, but the highest quality replica available in North America. Call for details/prices.

Yorkshire Historic Arms
14 Anvil St., Brighouse
West Yorkshire, HD6 1TP
Phone: (home/shop) 44-484-716130
(mobile) 44-589-796501

  • 'Watson Musket, Tapered 42" long Barrel with 10" Octagonal Breech (5/8" 20 bore); Cost: £275 + pp.
    Note: Has black iron fittings and beech stock; allow 3-4 months delivery.
  • 'Musket Canvas Storage Bag for 42" barrel musket'; Cost: £8.00 +pp.
  • 'Bandolier with 12 Wooden powder bottles and wooden primer bottle'; Cost: £40 + pp.
    Note: Natural leather with with bullet bag and adjustable brass buckle; Allow 3-4 months for delivery.
  • 'Touch-hole Prickers'; Cost: 20 pence +pp.
  • 'Barrel Worms'; Cost: £3.50 + pp.
  • 'Good Quality Treated Slow Match'; Cost: 6 ft./£1.00, 24 ft./£3.80

Note: Specify only ship via airmail!


Cannon, Ltd.
c/o Paul or Sue Miller
25249 W. Hornsby Rd.
Coolville, OH. 45723
Phone: 614-667-6896 or 6911
Email: cannonltd@eurekanet.com
Website: http://www.florentine.com/cannonltd

Catalog: $3.00

They have over 150 models of cannons, mostly 18th & 19th Centuries, but can do 17th as well. Contact with specifics.

Bircher Inc.
Beaufort Naval Armorers
119 Industrial Dr.
Moorehead City, NC. 28557
Attn: Jim Bircher
Phone: 252-726-5470
Fax: 252-247-3188
Email: jtbircher@bizec.rr.com
Website: http://www.bircherinc.com

Visa/MC accepted; no catalog available. Contact with specifics and price quotes.

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